Thursday, August 12, 2010

Saving the Good China

Our black set of table service, did just that served us well for many years.   My mother in law warned me of the scratches and marks a black set would get but I didn't care.  I knew I wanted black.

Here they are all stacked up ready for our upcoming sale.

 We loved the sleek black color and I could never imagine using any other color for our table service.  I accent with black throughout our home and always find a way to tuck a splash of black in here and there.  To me it's a soothing calm color.  Some argue it's the absence of color that is what is calming to the eye.  It  gives your eyes a place to rest.  Well just as the color gives the eye's a rest.  The dishes will be also going to rest, in another cabinet!

 Those that know me well, know how much I strive to release clutter and try very diligently to asses things in our home to keep from filling our home to the gills with "stuff".  So how you might ask, could I possibly part with something that has been a part of our lives for so many years when it seems that I'm so attached to them?  Lest you think I'm being hasty, in my quest for reducing "stuff" let me share with you a little story.

While shopping the rummage sales a year or so ago.  I stopped at a friends sale and she had this beautiful set at a very handsome price.

A beautiful Currier & Ives service.  I couldn't leave them there.  I purchased them to use at Christmas and promptly stored them carefully in the pantry.  Christmas came and I didn't want to fuss with getting them down since it was just the four of us.  While preparing for our upcoming sale I remembered the dishes in the top of the pantry.  I had been saving them for a Christmas Dinner when we have visitors.  We seldom have visitors on Christmas Day so I made the decision to sell them so someone else could use the good china for their Christmas meal, and I would have more pantry space in the process.  I didn't feel I needed a set of dishes that never left the pantry no matter how much I liked them!  My youngest daughter scaled the shelves of the pantry and handed down the dishes a plate at a time.  I in turn handed them to my oldest to place on the kitchen island.

 I began to hear ooh's and ahh's from the youngest and squeal's of delight as she realized that each dish piece had a different picture.  I heard from my oldest daughter as she excitedly asked me if I had saw the picture on "this" one.  It was then that I myself realized that I had not noticed that each piece had a different depiction of scenery on it.

The more I looked at the dishes the more the wheels started turning.  About that time my youngest was asking if we could eat off of "these" dishes.  I told her that I had purchased them for Christmas.  However, I was already feeling that cozy feeling when you realize you have stumbled across something that was meant to be.  She was still pulling down dishes and excitedly telling me about them as she handed me more.  I looked up and asked her if she would like to use these dishes instead of our black set.  "Yes!" she replied.  I turned to ask her sister what she thought, who gave me a big smile and a thumbs up.  She was studying a plate I had earlier handed to her.

We left the final vote for my husband when he returned home from work.  When he came in the door the girls bounded to him and pulled him excitedly to see the "new" dishes.  They bubbled with excitement as they told him of the plan.  He came to examine them and said he also liked them.  I like the girls were also excited about all the different designs and pictures. 

I had another reason to be excited as well.  What I thought was a set of winter scene dishes that I purchased to use with company, actually was a seasonal display of a collection of beautiful depictions.  What was originally intended to be used for a special occasion is finally being used for just that.  Dinner every night with the most cherished and special people of all.  My beautiful little family of four.  There they were, carefully tucked away being saved for a special occasion when the time was right and my eyes were open.  The good china.


Riverswamp said...

I bought a set of dishes exactly like these last year at Goodwill for $12.99...we have been using them since! We love them, too!

A World of Loveliness said...

Beautiful dishes! What a treasure! I like to use pretty dishes everyday too - as long they don't go in the dishwasher. :)

prairieharmony said...

Riverswamp what a good find! They are so lovely I can't imagine using anything else now. A World of Loveliness; Good for you using the pretty dishes! It makes meals so enjoyable sitting down to a beautiful place setting. Thank you for the dishwasher tip, I appreciate it.