Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dear Friends and Fur Kids

Today was a beautiful day.  I treated my dear friend to lunch for her birthday.  We had a great time together and sat outside enjoying the beautiful day chit chatting about nothing in particular.  We always have a good time together no matter what we are doing and I am so blessed to have her in my life.

As I was leaving the house to meet her for lunch, I realized that I had not been out of the house since Saturday!  This is Wednesday.  I was very happy about that.  I have been striving to cut down as much as possible the amount of errands I run.  In the past couple of week I feared I was going to have to install a kitchen in my vehicle because I was running so much.  Not only that but I was becoming quite exhausted.  I am feeling so much better and my house is proof that I am home more now.  It is becoming quite comfortable again and I am able to fully enjoy my housework instead of feeling dragged down by the chores that needed accomplished when I had places to be!

I have cut down on impulse purchases almost completely.  That being said I have been looking for a bed for my sweet little boy.  While my friend and I were picking up a few things we spotted this wonderful bed marked down.  Just what I had been looking for.  I could not make it for the price I paid and very happily added it to my cart.  I love the mode that I shop in now.  Instead of making quick purchases after deciding on what I need.  I wait until I find what I have been looking for at just the right price.  I am so much happier and not stressed about my purchases.  When I am not impulse buying, and getting things that I need at a good price it is a win win situation.  The key to all of this is, when possible have patience! My little guy climbed right on his new bed and snuggled right in.  This photo is a bit blurry I apologize but because of his dark color he is a bit hard to photograph.  He was a stray that we adopted from friends.  They found him and tried to find his owner and posted everywhere.  We were so lucky in that when we first went to meet him we were leaving the next day for vacation.  They offered to keep him for us until we returned if we wanted him.  I am so thankful each and every day that we have him.  Especially because ironically he was also an impulse! lol  Glad I didn't stop before him!!!  He is a very loyal and loving dog and I grow more attached to him each day.  He follows me everywhere I go in the house and stays quite close to me at all times.  He is wonderful with the children and best of friends with the cat.  He eagerly greets our guests and voices his concern at those he does not know.  I thought originally he was going to be more my husbands dog as he was quite attached to him in the beginning, he also drove me crazy at first, but we both adjusted and now I think due to the fact that I am always home he knows who the mom is and fell right in line with the cat and the kids. lol  I can't imagine life without my little guy.  He is truly one of my fur kids now and just as much a part of our family as anyone of us. 

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