Sunday, January 16, 2011

For the Love of our Pets

The health and welfare of our pets are so important.  We go to great strides to care for them and today we have one that is quite ill.  He was acting a bit "off" for him the past couple days.  Normally keeping to the other side of the bed from me but instead wanting to be close to me and laying with me as much as possible.  I thought maybe it was the cold.  While watching the television with my husband he was laying on my lap.  I enjoyed the companionship.  Then he started sort of a howling type of meow which was odd.  I kept watching him as he walked and noticed his gait wasn't quite right.  I wasn't so sure that he hadn't possible hurt his hind foot from jumping down from some object (which he knows isn't allowed) like the kitchen island?  His is an ornery boy you know.  Then we noticed he kept trying to clean himself and was howling then.  He seemed to be pained.  I checked his foot and did not notice anything out of the ordinary but knew he was going to see the vet in the morning.  Something was off.  I kept observing him and could not see what the problem was.  He was definitely trying to tell us something.

Sure enough, in the morning when I checked on him he was trying to use the restroom and it was then that I realized he had a urinary blockage!  I quickly called my mother because this all seemed vaguely familiar to me and she confirmed that this had happened to our other fur family.  The cause was determined to be related to his food.  I contacted the vet and rushed him in.  The vet confirmed that he had a blockage and said he would have to stay until Monday and be given a sedative and a catheter and  iv fluids to flush him out.  His first question was what kind of food did he eat.  My daughter and I were very brave but also very sad to leave him there.  He is a special boy as all of our animals are.  As shown above he likes to find a nice cozy drawer that the children have hurriedly left open while dressing in the morning before school and make himself a bed.  He likes to go where the children are  because he knows he is one of them and watches out the window when they leave for school in the morning, and again in the afternoon for them to return.  The house seems so empty this morning as I check his already full food bowl that is untouched and I have no furry orange pumpkin (as I refer to him) to great me as I walk to the kitchen.  He is a healthy boy!  At times like these I wish he could speak, yet he was trying to tell me I just wasn't getting all the clues.  I feel sad for not putting the puzzle together sooner but very hopeful for a full recovery.  I will know more tomorrow.  Until then I hope he is resting comfortably and he is greatly missed.  It is amazing how quickly our pets touch our lives.  They blend so seamlessly into our daily lives and effect so much more than they realize. 

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