Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Journey Home

As the heat of summer is upon us.  We are remodeling the last room in our house.  For six long years we have been working on this house.  It is the third house we have remodeled and has both worn me down and kept me guessing at every turn.  I had a mental picture when we first started, and that quickly faded as a new picture emerged and another and another.  Until finally the house has taken shape to be what it is today.

When we crossed over the threshold after purchasing this house and immediately started ripping out green shag carpeting, my husband had a vision of a fairly straight forward remodel.  Not too extensive, a little updating and we would be done.  We would live here until we found our dream house in the country.  Little did we know that we would spend six years on this simple remodel.  Each project evolved into a little bit more than we originally intended as we put our personal spin on the house.  We completed each project to the best of our ability and worked hard.  In the end we have decided to stay in this little house. It is both economical, meets our needs and in the end the house is reflective of us and what we like.  We quickly realized we were not going to find a house like ours unless we started over from scratch, no way!   Neither my husband or I have the energy or desire to do this again. Third times a charm :)

As we work on this final leg, I feel as though I am returning home from a journey.  Things start looking familiar as you get closer to home and recognition triggers feelings of joy and excitement as you get closer and anticipate what will be around the next bend in the road.  Two times before I have been in this stage of working on a house.  So eager to turn the last corner and see the final project in it's entirety, feel the satisfaction and joy at completing such a long project.  Enjoying each room like a neatly wrapped package, painted and trimmed and all tools removed.  Those who are not familiar with remodeling do not understand the joy in not seeing tools in your home as a daily ornament to your decor.  I will not miss them in mine!

After being gone so long I am looking forward to settling in and returning to my writing.  I am eagerly anticipating returning to my normal routines as well.  While I was away I attended school last semester, again wearing the hat of student along with mom, wife and many other various hats on the hook.  In more ways than one I am looking forward to re-establishing a normal daily routine after such a chaotic semester and I am excited to share with you so many things, but until then...Wishing you all the best!

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