Friday, December 16, 2011

Peace and Tranquility

This is one of the loaves of Banana bread that I made yesterday.  It is packaged up and ready to place in a gift bag for a lucky recipient.  Even through the plastic bag it smells sooooo delicious.  I am trying to finish up all the loose ends around here so that I am not frantically trying to work the whole week leading up to Christmas to get everything done.  Instead I will be relaxing and enjoying time with my family and cherishing the break from school with our children.  These years go by so quickly it is important to revamp your existing patterns when you find you are not satisfied with how you spend your time.  I find it is easier and easier to let those things that take away from my family time fall away.  I no longer feel guilty about it and am able to focus on what is really important in my life completely and fully.  I have been learning to not only scale back but how to politely use the word "no" and it has made a big difference especially around the holidays.  It is drastically reducing my stress level and making me a much happier mommy and wife :)
I came across this berry garland as I unpacked our Christmas decorations.  I like to purchase decorations on clearance after Christmas and tuck them away, it's always fun the following year.  I joyfully discovered that my candle lamp fits perfectly into the center of the garland wreath and casts a delicious yellow glow.  I have been waiting a long time to burn this lamp, I'm glad I chose tonight it was exactly the peaceful moment of tranquility that I needed at the end of a hectic and busy week. 

Wishing you a weekend enjoyed to the fullest! :)


Donna said...

The bread looks delicious and I love the berry display.
We are finally putting a halt to our kitchen redo-today will be the last day so the house can have some normalcy again for Christmas. :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so much Donna. I know what you are going through... we have had many many holidays in a home under construction. When you look back you develop an absolute appreciation for your home beyond being finished with it :)