Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Post Christmas Greetings and Organization

First I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas and were or soon will be able to spend time with family and friends in celebration.

We had a very wonderful Christmas.  It was in my opinion one of the least stressful Christmas holidays we have had ever.  That is what I strive for!  In my opinion that is the way Christmas should be.

Last summer while cleaning out the garage from remodeling I donated a lot of Christmas trees.  I came to realize I dearly missed these when decorating this year for Christmas. I felt the need to declutter and drastically minimize our lives this past summer .  I still feel we have a lot more to go on dream home is ironically either MUCH larger or MUCH smaller than this!!! back to Christmas... I have to admit I decorated the two trees we still have and had many more ornaments than tree space. As I vowed to buy tree's at yard sales and thrift stores in the coming year in my moment of despair for our next Christmas, I had three totes full of Christmas decorations sitting in my dinning room!  My thoughts about this, do I have ornaments because I had tree's, or did I buy tree's because I had beloved ornaments to display?  I have a sneaking idea that it is the first. I am planning on donating all that is not family treasures to charity and save precious space both in our home and in our garage.  I am always very excited about cleaning, organizing, and de-cluttering! :)  When I can tell my husband what is in each container in the garage instead of having to look through it to know, then I feel that I have balance in the keeping stuff department.  I like change in my home too but I am going for small changes that take up less space.  A candle change?  Something along those lines :)

I know full well I am not the only one who loves to have an organized home!!!  So in the spirit of de-cluttering, and making our homes beautiful and functional at the same time I share with you this.  Inspiration for your laundry area.
This is my laundry area, it is on constant display in the kitchen.  There is absolutely no other place to move the laundry center so I just went with it  and made the most out of the area.  The idea popped into my head to get two serving decanters for the laundry soap and softener, when I found this set and stand I was overjoyed!  It was designed for exactly the purpose "I" had in mind :)  Below is a tray for a cut glass cream and sugar set and the small metal cups are from an Indian Tiffin set that we do not use to measure soap and softener and catch drips.  In the spirit of a remodeled house is never truly finished, I just realized that we forgot to put the finish trim on the front edge of the counter top surface! lol  I'll put it on "the list".

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