Friday, June 15, 2012

Cleaning with Gumption

Today I finally had a chance to clean with my home made cleanser called Gumption.
This was posted by a lovely member of the Down to Earth Forum I belong to.
Home Made Gumption
1c. baking soda
2tsp. glycerine
2 tsp. dish soap
several drops of essential oil

I combined clove oil in mine and stirred it up.  It's very dry after stirring it up and then I added water to the mix until it had the consistency of soft scrub.

I absolutely love this mixture and have used it on my kitchen sink which is stainless steel and it's so nice looking.  I used my new citrus cleaner first then followed with the gumption  while deep cleaning the bathroom today. Everything is gleaming and smells wonderful!
This is a beautiful Lilly that my husband and daughters gave to me for mothers day last year.  It has such a beautiful bloom I had to share it with you!

Sadly my experiment with rosemary floor cleaner met it's end.  I was going to use it in my bathroom to clean my floors and had it sitting in the window sill with the citrus cleaner which I used early by the way... the rosemary cleaner had mold spore's in it.  So in answer to my own question no it does not keep, not in the window sill any way.  I will have to make up a fresh batch when I would like to try it to use the following day.

I purchased some new cotton yarn for dishcloth's today and I'm very excited about making another new cloth.  While helping at the ball field concession stand for a few minutes this evening, I was happy to see a home made  knitted dishcloth!  The lady that I was working with told me how her mother has made her tons of them and she just loves them.  It really made me smile.  I plan on making my dishcloths small this time.  I am so used to a small sponge for washing dishes the size I made feels too big to me so I'm going smaller.

The roof of the shed now has tar paper in case we get some rain which is in the forecast.  It's partially sided so there is progress.  It is slow but that is ok with us.  We are not in a huge hurry and do not want to be stressed about it.  It feels good to not be stressed and still make progress.  Anxious to plant flowers though I must admit :)

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