Sunday, June 10, 2012

Garden Shed Redo

This is the garden shed that we are working on.  My DD1 helped me remove the siding except the front side.  There is a fascia trim that is over the top of the siding that we had to remove to be able to remove the siding.  Then we discovered that the drip edge of the roof was over the fascia trim.  Fortunately we were given permission at the city dump to dispose of shingles so you guessed it.... we came home and ripped off the roof.  We are going to be able to recycle the drip edge.

This is later in the afternoon with all the siding and roofing removed.  As you can see in the background our neighbor decided he would work on his shed as well.  He and his wife made a bit of progress today as well.  It was a very hot day for working!  I was also able to introduce myself to our backyard neighbors so I am thankful for this workday as it gave me an opportunity to meet them!  I am so thankful to be getting this eye sore tidied up and looking proper.  I am very thankful that the wood underneath is in very good condition and just the outside layers need replaced.  Tomorrow I will be going to the home improvement center and buying the supplies to put it back together.  This evening I will be putting tar paper or felt paper on the wood sheeting on the roof to protect it against any rain.  We are expecting some rain this week so I will be working on this project through the week as I am able.  I am very thankful to my DD for all of her hard work!  When this is finished I will be painting it and the playhouse to match our home.
I finally figured out where this lovely volunteer sunflower came from!  I believe it is a bird seed swept off the porch from carrying seeds to the backyard feeders.  It is the only one at at the back door and so cheerful too!  And yes.... those are bowling balls :)  I am going to be doing a yard project with them later on and will post when about  it later.  Have a wonderful day :)

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