Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Wow, what a weekend.  I am very glad to be back home and was extremely tired but very thankful that we had the opportunity to board the Steamboat and have a mini getaway for our Anniversary.  We had a very nice time.  What a beautiful way to celebrate.   I took a few picture of the boat and apologize in advance the lighting is not the best.  It was very difficult to get pictures and I am including a link to their webpage if you would like to read about this interesting boat.
This is the back windows over the paddle wheels.  We ate our dinner in this room and we really liked these stained glass panels depicting the surrounding scenery and the steam boat on the lake.
This is the inside of the boat.  As you can see the inside is set up as a dinner theater area.  You do not expect this when you see the boat from the outside.
 This is the moving paddle wheels at dusk.  We were allowed to walk around at our leisure after our dinner before the show started.  Our meal was not over until a little after dusk so it's a little dark here.  It was still quite beautiful and the cool misty spray from the water admittedly felt good since it was so hot!
The American flag flying proudly above the paddle wheels and it was just so beautiful!
Even though it is dark outside I really like this picture.  It was extremely hot during our trip and this is taken after leaving the ship.  You can see people still coming off the ship.  There was a nice breeze and the temperature was much cooler.  We just felt so calm and relaxed after a wonderful meal, show, and delightful cruise on the lake.  This is the link to the Branson Bell the steamboat we went on.  It has a wonderful history including as the captain explained to us, the ship was launched in 1995 the same year we were married!  How neat is that?  I will be back on Thursday with more pictures of something else entirely, I am going exploring!  Until then have a wonderful week :)


duchess_declutter said...

This looks lovely - and you obviously had a great time. Nice to escape the heat too when you can. cheers Wendy

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so very much :)