Monday, July 16, 2012

Work Work Work

I really like to have photo's when I post but I was actually working SO hard that I didn't snap any photo's!  I have missed my blog time lately.  I am so blessed with so many wonderful readers and I am so thankful for each and every one of you.  I will be posting pictures of the newly refurbished shed soon for one.  I admittedly have a decorating idea and want to put potted flowers in front  of the shed before I take a picture to share :)  We have been spending a lot of time outside sprucing up the house and getting things trimmed and enjoyable to the eyes.  I will be spending tomorrow morning cleaning the patio and then will turn my attention to the inside.

We have decided to reduce what we have in our home and I am looking forward to it.  When we were first married like many couples just starting out we had what we needed and we were happy.  Then with jobs came the I would like to have it stage and  we bought things we liked.  Now we are at the we have it and no longer see the need to keep it and feel rather overwhelmed with "stuff".  We have reduced clutter in our home before but this will be different.  We are considering downsizing to a smaller home with land.  This is a huge step for us and something that I have been dreaming about for, well years!  However, we need to adjust our comfort level.  Meaning the amount of things that we are accustomed to having around us vs what we would like to have around us.  There is a difference.  We both agree and feel the same that we would like to reduce what we have back to somewhere between what we need with a little of what we love sprinkled in.  To be quite honest I am really excited about getting started.  I am looking forward to finding homes for furniture and things that I have that I like but don't use.  Or simply keep because I have had it for years and I feel guilty getting rid of it for no reason.  I believe I have touched on "stuff" before on my blog.  I have always dreamed of having a very streamlined home with just enough.  Don't get me wrong we don't have tons and tons of stuff but we do have more than we need.  So our journey starts to take a bend and we are standing on the road looking at a new view.  Isn't life exciting?  I am most excited to see how creatively I can organize my sewing and scrap booking into a few key furniture pieces that will hold them out of sight.  Previously I was looking to have an entire room to myself for sewing and scrap booking but realistically I just need a place to cut and sew.  The kitchen table will serve well as my cutting surface and will work nicely for spreading out my scrapbook pages as well.  I will be scouring the internet for creative storage uses and ideas.  Very fun!!!  So here is to looking forward to work work work in the next few weeks and sharing my excitement in passing along things that I have had sitting about for years that will be making someone else's day! Wishing you new turns in your path as well.  After all that is what life is all about :)


duchess_declutter said...

I'm hearing you! We are clearing out 'stuff' now and it actually does feel good. It's a long process, but worth it I think. Just don't fall into the trap of buying containers to put 'stuff' into thinking you will sort it out later. That's what I did and it is so wrong!! Good luck. cheers Wendy

Sue G. said...

Hi, I'm a new reader and enjoying your blog. Yes, I agree. I think as we get older we realise that we don't need 'stuff' any more, we just need a roof over our heads, food, clothing, and for me a garden is a necessity to be able to grow a few veggies. After that, family and friends become more important than things. And you have to realise that once you're gone, your loved ones will be left to dispose of all the stuff, so best to get rid of it all now to save them the trouble.

prairieharmony said...

Welcome Duchess_declutter and Sue G. I am so glad you are here! I believe "stuff" is highly over rated. Getting rid of it is easier said than done. You really mentally have to be on your peak when you sort through. I keep reminding myself of the real reason we have Sue G. said, "we just need a roof over our heads, food, clothing" I couldn't agree more. A few comforts are nice but now that it is so easy to acquire comforts we have all gone overboard. Good luck to both of you in the eternal quest to have just what we need, be comfortable and keep the balance in our lives. Have a beautiful day :)