Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Work Day

Today after errands, was a work day here.  I am a very systematic person and for me I like to work from the back of my house to the front.  I feel if I start in the back bedrooms, as I work toward the front I know that behind me is completely cleaned and organized.  In front of me the family room which is the first room you enter, I take all donations and bags of (non food) trash as I'm working to the family room to deal with very last.  When I have finished cleaning and organizing and reach this room I start carrying out everything that is to be donated, and take all the trash to the bin.  When I have finished this process and cleaned the family room,  it's a really good feeling walking back through the house knowing that each room is fresh and clean and ready for our family to enjoy!

 The recent cool weather has allowed me to continue the cleaning I started and paused a few weeks ago.  What a relief to be able to open the windows and enjoy wonderful fall weather while cleaning.  I would like to get this phase done so I can start preparing to settle in with some quilting soon :)

Currently I am working especially on organizing and preparing for the installation of new counter tops in my sewing area.  I have decided I do not need this entire room to myself.  I enjoy spending time with my DH when we are both in this room so I'm only using half of it for sewing and scrap-booking.  More than enough space :)  If all goes well we will be working on this project in the next  few days.  In the mean time I am sorting through things.  I do not want to spend time organizing and keeping things that we do not need and could be donated to someone else that can use them.  When I am finished what I have left will be organized and put in it's place.  This is really key to keeping things tidy here.  I like everything to have a place and when it doesn't..... oh boy do the piles of stuff multiply!  I know for a fact that I feel better, think clearer, and relax better when my house is in tip top shape!  Off to shoo away the dust bunnies :)


Donna said...

Good for you! I am so anxious to get back to my decluttering. Anxious to read the progress on your "new" room! I don't have any extra least,not until Zachary leaves the nest. ;)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so much. It is exhausting decluttering but I think it makes such a huge difference. You have also been working very hard at your house and I have really enjoyed watching the changes as you post pictures of your projects and rooms. You guys are doing a great job!!!