Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Plans

Happy Saturday!!!  My DH showed me how to run our tiller last night after  preparing it for use.  It hasn't ran this year at all and needed cleaning and maintenance.  I tilled a few rows but needed to go back to dinner :)  Home made delicious pizza!  DD2 was having a sleepover and they had fun making their own pizza.

I would like to get the benefit crazy quilt basted and quilted this weekend.  However when I checked the weather forecast for next week there are clouds every day so I think I will be out tilling today and quilting next week.

DH rolled his ankle and it was almost healed and unfortunately rolled it again.  Thankfully not as badly but the first sprain was very bad.  I have been extremely concerned because he is never down.  He would have tilled for me but I decided that since I am the one that wants a garden it was a good time to get out there and learn. That ankle is obviously weak and he has no business out there tilling.  No garden is worth risking personal injury or even permanent damage.  The tilled soil is obviously not something he should be walking over while operating a tiller with a damaged ankle.  I didn't even want him to be walking around in the yard but after tilling the first couple of rows and showing me how he sweetly walked bedside me for several more and we chit chatted.  He is a wonderful guy!  I might add that we have a rear tine tiller so not nearly as laborious as our previous front tine that we teased used to beat us up for using it!

I am excited to plan our new garden and look forward to working with our property size and develop a good garden plan that will incorporate both fruits and vegetables.  We have discussed raised  beds vs. flat gardening and I am excited to plan.  Of course this is the fun stage.  Sunblock, gloves,  my floppy hat and LOTS of sweat and work will be the next stage :)  Been there done that!  The reward out weighs it for me.  DH would prefer to purchase simply because he does not in any way enjoy gardening.  This is where we differ and I decided that I would like to continue gardening.  It may not sound like a fair exchange but the way I see it he provides the funds if I would like to purchase fruits and vegetables from the supermarket, orchards or farmers market or wherever I choose.  It is my decision if I would rather work in a garden at home.  He does not enjoy the benefits of gardening enough to warrant the effort himself.  I believe this is in large part due to the fact that we have not had very good success.  So I made the decision to take the garden on myself.  I know that if I need any help he will lend a hand and I'm hoping that it will be successful and he will catch the gardening bug later on :) Even if he doesn't, which I am not counting on as I do not want to set myself up for disappointment... I think it is worth it to continue and this will be another way I would like to contribute to our family.  I would like our family to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that we grow in our own back yard.  This will also simplify life.  Minimal driving for groceries.  The commute to the garden is very short :)

I am also excited to announce the winner to my celebration of 150 posts!!!  I used a number generator on and it generated comment #2 which is:
Deb@asimplelifequilts said...
I was admiring your collection of these in your earlier post, so am thrilled at a chance to win some! Love the diagonal pattern...
Congratulations Deb @ asimplelifequits. I will be contacting Deb and sending out her package on Monday!!! 

In future drawings I hope to be a little more tech savvy and install the button on the page.  You might see a few test posts in the future :)

Many heartfelt thanks to all of you who entered and everyone that follows this blog.  I enjoy and appreciate your comments each and every day.  I really enjoy blogging and celebrating 150 posts!!!

Have a beautiful weekend :)


Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Thank you so much Amy! I'm thrilled ;-D!!

prairieharmony said...

You are most welcome. I hope you enjoy them :)