Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Going Backward in the Right Direction

Today I spent the day quietly knitting while watching Edwardian Farm and finished dd2's winter scarf.
Each time I made a yarn change the color pattern changed as well.  I didn't catch this criss cross pattern until I saw it in the photo.  It felt really good to get this put in her basket of mittens and hats so the first time it is cold she can wear it and be warm.  She loves it!

I started  chicken boiling this afternoon with seasonings to make chicken noodle soup for dinner.  When the knitting was finished I started to make dinner and to my horror I realized that I didn't have frozen noodles.  I took a breath and thought to myself "ok, you are ready for this do it!"  I had previously purchased a pasta cutter and have wanted to start making my own noodles but the frozen ones are not only convenient but I know they taste good!  Horrible excuse I know and what is the deal with this thinking anyway?  I always give things a try and really enjoy cooking.  I guess I put up a wall or something.  I pulled out four or five cookbooks and to my complete shock could not find a recipe for noodles!  Every recipe I read called for either dried or frozen noodles!!!  Now I knew without a doubt that this confirmed what I know to be true.  It was a sign it was high time for me to take another step back from the commercial preparation of our food and roll my sleeves up and tackle this head on.  I got online thankful for the vast amount of information available, located a recipe and went and made it.  It was without a doubt a step in the right direction.  Everyone liked them and DH and I thought they were better than the store bought ones!  I told DH what led to the noodle making and he went to the freezer and located the bag of frozen noodles lol.  We will use it when we need it but I guarantee that from now on we are enjoying our step back and will make them from scratch every time :)  For me, there truly is no greater satisfaction that making things yourself whenever possible.  I love that one step at a time we are backing away from processed foods and other items in our home.  There is a great satisfaction in making things that my family needs and providing for them in this way.  I encourage anyone that has the desire to go ahead and give making things a try instead of purchasing them from the market :)  I am sure you will be quite pleased with the results of your labor.


Sue xx said...

I love the scarf, it's so feminine. Good onya for making your own pasta is yummy and can be frozen too once you've dried it thoroughly.

Becci Sundberg said...

WTG for making your own noodles. Something I have been wanting to do for years and have just never taken the plunge

Donna said...

I hear you,Amy! It's nice to have food we can just throw in pot or in the microwave,but it's so much more gratifying when we make it ourselves. I've never made pasta,and by either the dry boxed or frozen ravioli. Good for you for doing what you had to make your soup :)

Little Home In The Country said...

Homemade noodles are so yummy - it took me AGES to make them for the first time, but we sure love the taste and texture. Good for you! The scarf is absolutely beautiful :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so much, Ironically I came across a recipe I had printed a few years back for noodles but was concerned about making them. So I say go for it Becci!!! :) I wish I had when I first printed that recipe :) They are delicious as everyone says and so rewarding to be able to make up what we need without a run to the market.

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Amy, I absolutely agree with you. I buy as little pre-packaged food as possible, as I feel by making everything myself, I know exactly what we are putting in our bodies. This was your time to learn how to cook noodles and aren't you pleased you did. It made me smile when you said your husband found the frozen noodles, it is usually the other way around in our house. George cannot find what he is looking for and I put my hands on it straight away. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes Daphne