Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Little Bits

I only have fun little bits to share with you today :) I have been knitting, reading, and enjoying my family and home.  One little bit, oh so delicious cookies made by my dd#1 and my dh.  They both make the most fantastic chocolate chip cookies!!!
 Bit number two... my dd#2 brought home this adorable mouse treat tonight.  It is made from a stemmed maraschino cherry, Hershey kiss, and two almond bits for ears.  The picture is blurry and I simply could not get one to come out clear.  I believe it is the reflection of the flash on plate.  What a cute treat for a party or gathering!!!
My final bit?  This really cute miniature fireplace dd#2 and I made for her diorama at school.  She said it needed something so we engineered a fireplace complete with fire and a beautiful vase of flowers on the mantel.  Most importantly we had a really good time together making it and I am so proud of her.  She is so talented!!!
Enjoy your day :)

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