Sunday, December 23, 2012

Merry Christmas

 In years past, we have had multiple Christmas tree's each with a different theme.  They were all around the house in various rooms.  Over the years I enjoyed decorating these multiple tree's.  I saved my money when I was younger and had a Christmas tree in my bedroom growing up.  I have always loved Christmas tree's.  
 Recently I found that I enjoyed so many tree's around the house less and less and found my enthusiasm for decorating them dwindle.  For as long  as I can remember I have always wanted to have one special tree in the family room.  A really large full tree that went from floor to ceiling.  Last year my husband purchased a gorgeous tree for me on clearance after Christmas while we were shopping.  It was "the" tree I had been wishing for for years!  This was it and I was overjoyed.  I decided then and there that I would donate all of my other Christmas tree's to those that need new tree's and only decorate the one tree.  Our main tree in the family room, is usually decorated in a Victorian style and absolutely stunning.

One of our tree's was a friends and family tree that was overflowing with ornaments from friends and family and ornaments our children have made us.  This year I decided to decorate the family room tree with all the friends and family decorations and ornaments that our children have made instead of the Victorian theme.  It is not the "look" that we normally have in the family room but my husband said something that was really wonderful.  He said; "our tree is a lot like life.  We plan for something beautiful and flowing but it's really a lot of memories and events all together that makes up our life and it's all random just like our tree.  Our tree is a beautiful reflection of our life."

He is so right.  Everything on our tree is about our lives and so many memories over the years.   It's so beautiful to me to see the ornaments on our tree that reminds me of our life and all the beautiful Christmas memories.  Memories of our children as they have grown, of our friends both near and far.  It is so full of love and joy.  It makes me smile when I walk through our family room.  

I will be taking some time away until New Years to spend time with my family.  I will see  you all in the new year.  Thank you for reading and commenting.  I appreciate you all!  I have really enjoyed blogging and reading in turn your blogs as well.  Before I go....

I would love to share another beautiful story about Christmas and family written by my friend Donna at Little Cottage in the Country.  It is a wonderful story and I really think you will enjoy it.  Please visit her blog if you have a moment, I know everyone is busy but it is not a very long story and well worth the time.  

From our home to yours, wishing you a very Merry Christmas full of love and joy.

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Donna said...

What a lovely tree and a lovely post :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Years,my Friend! ( Thanks for the shout out) (HUG)