Thursday, January 24, 2013

Brown Sugar Body Scrub

A couple of years ago, two of my friends were telling me about a wonderful body scrub they were going to try.  It was a very simple recipe that used healthy oils and brown sugar for the exfoliating part of the scrub.  This sounded like just what I was looking for and asked for the recipe.  The link to the recipe is for Corries Brown Sugar Body Scrub by Paula Deen.  Paula Deen is a celebrity TV chef here in America.  I have used this recipe for over a year and have been very happy with the results.  It is extremely easy and affordable to make.  The only ingredient that is costly is the Vitamin E oil.  The rest are ingredients most of us have in the pantry.  For Christmas last year we made up a large batch for part of our gifts for teachers and family.  I purchased small plastic containers that sealed well to put it in.  For safety reasons I chose plastic so we could keep them in the shower.  The small container is pictured beside the glass jar at the bottom of this post.  I only needed to fill it twice to last the whole year using it twice a month!  It is wonderful on your face and even your legs, hands or elbows, anywhere you have dry skin.  The oils and the gentle scrubbing of the brown sugar works wonderfully to rejuvenate dry skin.  I am so happy that I have this recipe in my book.  It is yet another store bought product that I have been able to replace with something made at home without preservatives or other unknown or harmful ingredients that works beautifully on my sensitive skin!
 These ingredients along with olive oil are all that are required for a very simple yet effective body scrub!

Mix everything together making sure to mix well to combine the Vitamin E oil which is a bit thicker than the other ingredients.
 When combined I store my body scrub in a wide mouth jar.  I place a small amount in a small plastic container to keep in the shower and refill as needed.  This is a wonderful body scrub that I think you will really enjoy :)


BLD in MT said...

I've stopped using all these sorts of bath products over the years because of the crazy ingredients in the affordable ones and the crazy prices of the good ones. But, I do have dry skin and so I am going to try this recipe. It sounds so pleasant. And like its the best of both worlds--no scary ingredients AND no scary price tag.

Tania @ Out Back said...

I will have to give this a try Amy, sounds wonderful :)