Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sickness and Rest

My sweet girl has been sick most of this week.  We have been taking it slow and our nights and days have became entangled as I encourage her to rest whenever possible and heal.  Mama in turn has jumbled days and nights as I often sit up far past bedtime listening as I do to make sure all is well with her.  Thankfully it is not as much serious as it is lingering.  She was very ill only a couple of weeks ago the last time.  Her body hasn't had a chance to be fully strong yet from that illness.  We have had unusually warm weather for winter.  Over seventy degrees!  The grass is even beginning to green up in a few places.  We had a nice gentle rain that was much needed for the winter crops that are sewn in the fields.  Now the freezing weather has returned.  It is very hard to stay healthy especially a child when the temperatures are such a drastic fluctuation in a weeks time.  I am predicting she will turn a corner soon, each day she is a little better than the first.  Then all will be well in my little corner of the world :)

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Donna said...

Oh no! Hope your daughter gets better soon :(