Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Melt your Heart Crayon Cookie

What better day to return to blogging than Valentines.  The day set aside in America especially to show how much you care to those special people in your life.  In our home we do not need to be given a day set aside to show we care, but we have fun with it anyway as a family:)

 I have been away researching and learning about diet and nutritional needs which I will share with you another time.  It has been an interesting and exciting journey and I had no intention of being away from my blog for so long!  I really felt that it was very important to fully immerse myself in what I was learning.  It is going to be ongoing for a while,  but initially I really needed to focus.  What an exciting adventure our family is taking with food. 

Today though, I am sharing a fun craft and a way to recycle your broken and crumbled crayon's into a fun and healthy valentines treat, or any other time treat.  I have seen these made by putting the bits into a muffin tin to create a crayon cookie too! :)
 My youngest dd and I peeled all of her broken bits of crayons.
After peeling off all the paper, we broke the bits into very small pieces to ensure an event color distribution of the colors.  I placed a heart shaped cookie cutter on a piece of aluminum foil.  I then pulled the outsides of the foil up around the cookie cutter to make a heart shaped tray for the wax to melt inside of and not drip or leak out underneath while in the oven.  I preheated the oven to 350 d. Fahrenheit.
We placed all of the broken bits in the heart shaped tray we made.  She carefully arranged for the silver crayola to be on top :)  We placed this in the oven for about 10 minutes or until the crayons became liquid and smoothed over.  I removed it from the oven as soon as it was liquid to the oven top to cool.  After about 15 min. I was able to remove the foil and I let it cool for another 15-20 min.  I then carefully and gently pushed the crayon free from the cookie cutter
 Now we have a melted heart crayola for special Valentines Day coloring :)  A wonderful way to recycle crayon bits, and a fun project to make with little ones.  Happy Valentines Day!

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Donna said...

What a cool idea!