Thursday, March 14, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Wall Hanging

At last I have finished the wall hanging that I have been working on for St. Patrick's Day!  I have been working every spare moment on it and was concerned that I wouldn't get it finished and it would be set aside if I didn't finish it in time until next year at this time!  I'm only being honest :)
Grandmother's Garden wall hanging in green for St Patrick's Day.  Hand pieced and hand quilted.   The border and binding were attached by machine and bound by hand.  I have sore fingers to prove it! lol
This is what the whole little vignette looks like by the back door :)
I am entertaining thoughts of another little wall hanging for Easter.....  I would eventually like to make one for each of the holiday's or seasons through the year and have a few idea's that have caught my eye!


BLD in MT said...

I really like both the bright green colors as well as the pattern! Good work on finishing in time...I'm still working on my "Christmas Dress." Ha!

Donna said...

How pretty! I like the St. Paddy's Day theme to your blog,too :)