Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Busy like a Bee

While things here on my blog have been a little quiet lately, I have been quite busy here at home.  Spring is in full force and simply stunning.
These are Phlox.  They are in our front flower bed and so pretty.  They won't bloom like this all summer so I enjoy them as much as possible while they are in bloom.  I love how they cascade over the garden wall.
Along with the beautiful flowers of spring, the grass also starts growing in leaps and bounds, not just the grass mind you, the weeds as well.  In fact I think an honest ratio of what is growing in our
"yard" is about 90% weeds and 10% grass.  However it covers the soil and makes a place to play so it works.  It's rapid growth called for a replacement of our lawn tractor.  We make things last as long as we can at our house and this tractor was worked on and gimped along for the past six summers.  We purchased it used to start with and it finally died.  The replacement is wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed mowing this past week and welcomed a nice trimmed up lawn.  I love things to be neat and tidy and the yard is no exception.
This is another view of the front flower beds with the Phlox.  I do not know what the other plant is at the bottom of this shot.  A friend gave them to me and I planted them along the wall and they have responded really well.  It is such a joy for me to be outside and working in the yard.  Our garden is almost ready to plant.  My DH tilled it up again and we spread fertilizer and were blessed with rain this week.  When it dries out we will till once more time and begin planting the starts and seeds we have.
One of my favorite places in our yard is the front flower bed and the small water fountain.  I love to watch the transformation of a bare winter garden and the bright green lush vegetation of perennials waking up and spreading out over the garden.  Slowly the bare garden is transformed and before you know it there are blooms and beauty all around to enjoy as we come and go past this garden.  What a joy :)


Rose said...

Phlox in Australia doesn't bloom like that! It's stunning -- it must be your cool temps that enable it, ours is a lot more sparse.

Donna said...

Hello from Texas...Your Phlox is Gorgeous!