Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hot Work Equals Calming Thoughts

 Today it is every bit as hot as it looks outside.  Right now it is 95 F and it feel like it too!  We have been so busy here at our home I haven't even had a chance to blog as often as I would like this summer.  I really miss blogging and have so many idea's as I go through my day, but finding the time is another story.  We have been going and going and going.  To the point that today I have literally devoted my day to doing laundry!  Everything in our normally quiet calm home is pure chaos lately.  Everybody is going in different directions, meals are quickly thrown together in between trips here and there and take out that nobody really enjoys at a cost that makes my head spin and nobody enjoys as much as meals prepared at home

Today,  I saw a break in our schedules, well a slow down is more like it, but it is enough of a break that I put my foot down and saw it as an opportunity to reclaim my simple life!  My life is anything but simple lately, but it CAN be simplified and that is my goal this week.  To slooooooooooooow down again.  It is a state of mind and a conscious effort to do what you can in the situation you are in to simplify.  Normally I am in this state of mind but this summer is a crazy insane roller coaster of a new breed and the braking system seemed to be out for the past month.  Today the brakes started working and the crazy life we have been living has came to a stand still and I couldn't be happier!

 I can feel my blood pressure dropping, my heart slowing down, and my mind calming.  This is what I have been missing since school got out in May!  Slow, methodical, purposeful, and relaxed.  Yes, relaxed!  I know it's a contradiction to be relaxed about working but I can think of no other task that makes me feel so grounded and simplified in my own home than hanging laundry.  When I feel like life is out of control and our lives are becoming chaotic, hanging laundry immediately makes me feel grounded in what I love.  Being here, at home. Taking care of my family.  Slowly and purposefully going about chores that needn't be rushed, but calming carried out.  Soon I am back in the mode I love, everything else just melts away and I can physically, mentally, and emotionally feel the pieces of  calm and serenity of the life style I have chosen falling back  into place and as it does my breathing steadies and the stress melts away as I feel more and more relaxed.  To add to the serenity I feel, I have been serenaded by a beautiful bird that I have never heard before up on the power lines above my head.  What a joy to listen to. Who knew work in such heat could be so soothing!  And yes, as one load finishes inside in the washer and is pinned up, the previous  load that was drying is more than ready to bring in.  They are being hung up in one hour increments lol  They would have taken much longer in the dryer.  It is the best kind of day to play catch up on the laundry.  The results are quick and just like that, life is back on track as it should be.  Wishing you  a beautiful simplified day :)


Rose said...

The land is so flat! Just as I imagine Middle America to be and as green as Ireland.

prairieharmony said...

It is fairly flat in this picture, but even just down the street we can coast on our bikes because it slowly descends to the end of our road. On the ride back you definitely notice the gradual hill!!! ugh :) Sadly, now that we are experiencing high heat, I noticed today the grass starting to show a little bit of yellowing. By July it will be fairly dry. The beauty of the spring green's will fade to baked, crunchy, painfully dry grass (quite literally when bare-foot). If I can, I will take a picture from one of my favorite highway vantage points that shows all around the waving hills and other towns. It's so beautiful, it's what I envision Ireland to look like:)

Donna said...

I feel like that about gardening and Yoga! It's sooo relaxing and calming. We too,are experiencing high heat and humidity,and lots of rain and thunderstorms,so my gardening has been fairly limited of late,but I have been able to pick strawberries. Weeding is another story :)