Friday, January 23, 2015

Moments in Time

I always seem to find joy in how I spend time during my day.  However there are a few moments of time that are especially enjoyable. Nothing is so important that I can't take a moment and enjoying a beautiful sunrise.  It only takes a brief moment, however it is nothing short of spectacular.  I am not a morning person by any means, but it is hard not to appreciate being awake when I get to enjoy a sight like this. 

As I stand outside I  hear the rooster crowing and the chickens clucking, slowly making their way out of their coop.  The dog is sleepily stretching.  The kittens are playing while the older cats lay lazily watching them frolic about the yard.  I can hear my children quietly getting ready for school inside.  Everyone is awake around me and calmly starting their day.  I savor the gentle start to the day.  It seems once the sun peeks above the horizon, the sounds of the day intensify with the light of the sun.  The once gentle morning breaks way to the busy pace of a day in full motion.
Then evening arrives, quicker now during winter.  I walk around our property doing chores, talking to the animals, watching and listening.  The chickens are quietly roosting in their coop, the pony is contentedly eating, the cats are finding a soft cozy spot to sleep, and the dog is following me around investigating every snap of a twig.  The Cardinals have stopped their chirping and as I stand in the wooded area, I can hear the sound of their wings as they fly from the brush up into their nests in the trees.  They softly chirp one last time while settling in as the sun slips down below the horizon in a beautiful display of color.  Once again everything is quiet, still, gentle, and calm.


Rose said...

How lovely Amy, thank you for sharing that.

Prairie Harmony said...

Thank you Rose, you are very welcome.