Friday, September 10, 2010

Close to Home

I have been idle at posting.  That does not make for an exciting or interesting blog to read.  For that I apologize.  This is a time however where I deem it fairly important to immerse myself in all things home.  I have been quite busy as we continue to finish up work and chores around our home before winter sets in.  It may be the beginnings of fall now but from experience as soon as you count on more warm days to finish up tasks it turns wet and snowy when you least expect it.

Today was a wonderful day to rest and relax.  It has been raining off and on for several days and I captured the brief sunshine as the storm moved away.  I thought the silver leaf looked so beautiful against the passing storm.

Despite the seemingly constant storms I was able to repaint our front door.  It was white previously and I thought it showed a bit too much dirt and grime despite the constant washing.  It is now after four coats a beautiful deep maroon.  I like it very much.  I have also been working on painting a bookshelf in our hallway in preparation for the completion of the drywall mudding my husband is working on.  As soon as this is finished I will be painting the walls and ceiling and installing the trim in the hallway.  It will officially be the first and only room that is 100% completed in our  house.  So goes life when you are remodeling a home!  This is our second house we have remodeled in depth and is guaranteed to be our last!  We are both weary and exhausted.  Don't be mislead, we have been working on this house for the past five years.  So it hasn't been constant.  We are doing work with cash as we go.  In my opinion it is the only way to do it.  Taking out loans to improve on your home unless it is an emergency situation where your family's health is in jeopardy, puts you that much further from true home ownership.  So like the saying goes... slow and steady wins the race.  However there is certainly no race going on in this house as the slow and steady has passed the five year mark.  I have learned patience!  A virtue I needed more of.

I have been reading and reflecting on our lifestyle at home, and the trends and movements of others in the states and reflecting on how this effects our home directly and our society.  A lot of thinking and observations.  I will be posting soon on my thoughts and reflections.  I was encouraged to read a posting along the same lines in thought on a blog I follow.  I was comforted to know I was not the only one concerned.  Enjoy a beautiful day with friends and family!  The weekend is almost here.

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Donna said...

We too, are in the process (four years worth!)of remodeling our home as we have the money,and we have the kitchen and bathroom left.I am not a white wall kind of girl-I need colors around me.Home is an expression of yourself,and though our home is small,I want it to be a place that embraces myself and my family on a daily basis.Good luck!!!