Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Absence of Water

The other morning bright and early the city office called and said that a water pipe had been broken during some road work.  They were going to have the water shut off for a large portion of the day.  I mumbled my thanks for the notification.  I had not been feeling well and decided to take advantage of the fact that I didn't have water to take a break from my morning laundry.  When I awoke some time later rested and clearer in thinking.  I discovered to my horror that not having running water was not just an inconvenience, it was literally stopping me in my tracks!  The stool has only one flush with no running water, there is no water for hand washing, there was not even a bucket of water as it had been shut off before they got to our call.  We have an automatic water dispenser in the refrigerator, that does not work or give you even the water still in the lines without the water turned on.  Since it was so early when I received the call I had not had my morning shower.  Now being noon I was wanting my shower.  I felt behind in my chores because I had could not wash up the breakfast dishes in the sink.  I could not run the washing machine.  As I looked around the house I realized even wiping off the counter tops was an impossible chore.  Aside from sweeping or dry dusting there was very little that I could do without running water!

As I stood looking around I realized that I have no back up plan in place in the case of prolonged water shortage.  I have no collection tanks outside, no jugs of water, or even bottled water.  I realized that in the case of an emergency I had no way to get water and life as we know it cannot go on long without water.  I was stunned at this discovery.  Not in a panic it's important to note because I was well aware of the fact that the water would be on before our city workers went home for the night and my father lives just up the road and had running water.  I was just stunned at how ill prepared we are for any sort of situation that would require the prolonged absence of water!  I called my dad and packed a small bag and went to his house to shower.  I cannot describe the almost euphoric feeling of standing in the shower with nice warm water running over me.  I was so thankful to have a place to take a shower and get clean and in the very same moment so very thankful and grateful to have what many of us take for granted each and every day, running water.  Ironically when I returned home of course the water was back on.  I had to turn it on and let it run to get the dirt out of the lines and was once again thankful for normally not ever having to worry about our water quality as well.  Yes, it was an inconvenience to be without water but I took from that small experience a grateful and thankful disposition for having something we consider standard.  I will not be taking it for granted.  I also came away with the keen sense of needing a backup plan in case of emergency so that our family is not without water the very next time a line is broken.  Water is important and for me I discovered just how reliant I am upon this resource.  I can barely function in our home with the absence of water!


Laura said...

It does amaze you how much we do take our water for granted. We had 2 days last week that our water was off, what a pain.

I'm visiting from Down to earth.

Donna said...

We should be getting our artesian well this week,and though our dug well is low,we have had enough water come back(thankfully)to do our everyday chores and bathing. I will be glad when I can flush the toliet and not wonder if this will be the time when the water is completely gone!!!

prairieharmony said...

Laura two days would have made me crazy without a back up plan! The thought occurred to me at the time the water could be off longer than that one day! I still feel very fortunate it wasn't!

Donna Congratulations and what a relief to have the new well. I can honestly say I understand how you feel :)