Monday, October 4, 2010

Family Traditions

To some this may not look like  much more than several stacks of fabric.  In our house this is the beginnings of a new quilt.  No it is not going to be large obviously but it will be mighty!  My oldest daughter is beginning her first quilt.  She has made a nine patch pillow a few years before and has again taken an interest in sewing and quilting.  It couldn't be that her Mama and Grammy enjoy quilting and fabrics could it?  I am so excited to share this skill with her now that she is ready.  Tonight she learned how to use a rotary cutter and cut most of her pieces to size.  She was a bit nervous but she did great and we will be working on piecing tomorrow.  Soon before she knows it we will be sitting together each hand quilting our projects and watching a show.  Most importantly she is learning a tradition that has been in my family for generations and I am only too happy to pass down the knowledge to my daughters as well.  Sewing is a valuable skill to have for all the reasons you can think of.  So today marks a special chapter in our household as now both daughters are busy working on small doll sizes quilts and mama couldn't be happier!

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