Tuesday, January 11, 2011

From Where I Sit

This is the view out the window in the study yesterday morning.  A snow had started falling in the early morning hours.   A bit more than a dusting but I was feeling optimistic that we would get more....

This morning this is what I woke up to find.  The storm had finished and a delightful blanket of snow was covering everything.  I do not in any way enjoy the cold but if it must be cold.... I would appreciate the beauty of snow covering everything instead of the sleeping trees and dry dead grasses.  There is something so magical and wonderful about snow.  It transforms the landscape in a moment.  It changes the mood in an instant.  The world seems quieter, calmer, and more peaceful with snow.  Everyone is slower moving and takes their time going about their tasks to avoid slipping and sliding around.  Yet they move briskly at the same time to get from one warm home or building to another.  Hot Chocolate, Tea and Coffee are in high demand.  Coats, mittens and scarves are in constant rotation between those that are dry and those still wet and hanging on the drying rack over the heat vent.  Puddles of melted snow are at the doorways.  Competing in snowball fights are unavoidable for both children and adults alike at our home.  Bringing the sled out and discussing the best sledding spots  becomes a topic of friendly debate.  The snow is the highpoint of winter, when otherwise the days would be the same, cold, drab and dull outside.  I am enjoying everything about a winters first snow.

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