Thursday, January 6, 2011


I am so excited!  Trust me it's the little things that excite me, and that is what truly matters.  While visiting friends I was delighted when they offered two dozen farm eggs.  Our previous farm egg source is temporarily unavailable because the hens are not laying as well right now in the winter cold.  I was dreading purchasing eggs from the supermarket, but elated when our friend offered eggs out of the blue!  As exciting as this is, that is not there is to tell.  Those that have followed my blog know that I am in the midst of transforming our house to our home and transforming our walls from off white to color's that inspire me.  Here is a glimpse of a wall in our kitchen transformed from off white to this beautiful deep red.  I love coming  into the kitchen every morning and seeing this wall as I walk through the doorway.

 So...yes, you guessed it...  When I opened the carton of eggs I saw the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen.  I was "egg"spired!!!  I immediately knew that I had found the perfect color to paint the dinning room.

The egg closest in the picture is my inspiration for the wall color!  The picture doesn't do the rich deep earthen color justice.  In reality it's more like a deep terracotta color.  I will blow the egg out and take it in to have it color matched.  I hope you are also "egg"spired by the little things around you as you go about your daily life.

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