Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Warmth of a Candle

A friend recently told me that they burn candles at their house when they are in the same room and it helps to warm the room a bit.  To be honest I hadn't really put much thought into it.  I burn jar candles for fragrance here.  It did get me to thinking.  I am one that  purchases candles for the holders to match my decor.  I don't usually burn those unless they are on the dinning room table for a special occasions.  It is winter here and cold.  There is always a chill in the air due to our old drafty windows.  Even with plastic on the windows to stop the drafts it's still chilly.  So I tried lighting the candles in the family room.  I lit these candles as well as the two that were in the sconces on the wall and the room was instantly transformed into a cozy warm retreat.  The glow was magnificent and we all curled up under lap blankets and I read several chapters from our nightly book in the soft glow of the candles.  It was absolutely wonderful and I plan on repeating it again tonight and as many nights as I can.  I cannot honestly tell if the candles warmed up the temperature in the room but the warmth in my heart more than made up for any chill I had previously been feeling.


Donna said...

The more candles you light,the warmer your rooms will get. At night we light several candles,and 6 oil lamps it gets nice and warm,upward of 74 degrees. There is nothing more cozy than candlelight and the heat that comes from it,unless it's a woodstove!

prairieharmony said...

That sounds very nice and cozy Donna. A nice peaceful room to relax in. I do enjoy the candle light as substitute for a wood stove or fireplace since we do not have one in this home.