Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Potatoes and Bread

As promised yesterday... the potato bag.  I first learned of these wonderful bags from some of my quilting friends.  I had planned on going home and whipping one of these up but for one reason or another did not.  Until last week that is.  I found several patterns and decided on one that looked simple and would get results quick enough to bake a potato for dinner!

A word to the wise.  If you want to bake four potato's in a row as I did you must be careful.  One small area of the bag began to scorch I believe from the thread.  I read many places to use only 100% cotton for thread, batting, and fabric.  I thought this was true of my thread as well but apparently not.  Anyway it was a success and we enjoyed a very simple delicious dinner!

Another goal I have now that the potato bag is finished... is the art of bread making.  

For years I envisioned myself as someone who bakes their own breads.  I never dreamed it would take this long for me to roll up my sleeves and knead up a loaf!  I am able to bake all sorts of breads.  Quick breads such as banana, or zucchini and the many other delicious breads.  I have made several loaves of yeast bread as well but none that has really struck me as a replacement for our current sandwich bread.   My goal is to find a yeast bread to replace what I purchase from the supermarket.  Now I am not trying to replicate taste or anything like that but I like the soft nature of the bread we purchase.  It doesn't tear when you try to spread peanut butter on it or seem dry.  That is where the skill comes in and the most important aspect... experience!  So, I have several loaves of bread now in the bread basket and I am hoping to find a recipe that I can start working with before the bread is used up.  That gives me a week or so which is plenty of time to try several recipe's.  I am looking to raise my skill level and really enjoy the art of baking bread for my family.  Working it in to my daily routine.  My mother baked breads all the time and I really enjoyed coming home to the smell of fresh baked bread.  I can still taste it!    I am excited to embark on this adventure as it is a goal I have had for a very long time.  I  have all the tools I need to bake, a wheat grinder, pans, oven, and ingredients.  Everything is waiting for me. 

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