Monday, January 3, 2011

All Settled In

For several weeks I have been working on transforming our home into more than just a living space.  We have lived here over five years and like many older homes it has needed it's fair share of repairs.  Slowly we are turning this house into our home.   This has happened following a change of heart which greatly helps the way you view your home!   I intentionally had chosen to not call this house my true home because I had no intentions of living here for very long from the moment it was purchased.  It was not purchased as a permanent home and I was becoming more and more steamed up about it the longer we lived here.  There is nothing wrong with the house, it's just that it is in town and I wanted to live the dream... in the country.  Instead of wishing away perfectly good time waiting for the dream I decided to live here and be happy and live the dream either in town or in the country.  Either way I was going to live.  So naturally along with that decision came changes and the first of which is color!  I am a visual person and have to have color in my life and the absence of color on the walls while we were working on the house needed to change immediately if I was going to call this house my home.  So it happened.  We did a room shuffle and painted and now I have a very functional and wonderful sewing room with plenty of room to teach my daughters how to sew, and host my cherished friends that come to sew as well each week.  There is even room for a dollhouse nestled away into the corner for my daughter.  There are plenty of shelving to hold books, and scrapbook supplies as well.
On this side of the room I have more shelving which holds fabric, notions, and project kits along the top shelf.  A small table for laying things out has machine covers and batting tucked away underneath.  And a large sturdy ironing board along the wall.  We usually have the machines set up on the table and do our cutting on the cutting mat moved to the kitchen island.  This frees up even more space in the sewing room.  Here I have the machines scooted around a bit to make a  few quick cuts.  Everything in this room is well organized and easy to access.  It is a pure joy to work in here.  And last but not least color on the walls!  Deep rich color in sort of a cranberry that provides stimulation and a cozy backdrop to the room I spend so much time in.  I have sewn more lately than I have for a long time.  I attribute this to my change of heart and the stimulation of color. One of the projects that I worked on last week was a baked potato bag which I will talk about tomorrow.  If you are not feeling at home in your house... think about what it is that is stopping you.  Mostly likely as in my case it is not all about the might also have a bit to do with attitude.  For me a change of heart has changed my life, that and a bit of color!

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