Thursday, November 17, 2011

Making a Change

Every store I shop in  uses plastic bags to hold my purchases for me to take home.  When I get home from a large shopping trip to stock up our supplies for a long time I can have several bags.  These bags below are from a recent such stocking up trip.

That is a lot of bags!  For our house we have only one trash receptacle that these bags would line and it would take me  more than a year to use these in that trash can.  I do use them for other uses like donations of food and clothing so they are very handy for those uses.  However, it still takes quite a while for us to use the bags we accumulate and often times we end up taking them to be recycled in a near by town.  I do not like using plastic bags at all.  I began receiving recyclable grocery bags here and there from different events and recently was given a very large amount.  I decided that tonight was the last time for a long time that I would use plastic store bags.  If I forgot them when I headed out the door I would turn around and go back for them.  I see in disgust the plastic bags floating around everywhere I go.  I see them floating in fields, on fence lines, in ponds and lake shores and it is horrible.  I am going to commit to using only  my recyclable bags for shopping keeping only a few plastic bags for transporting donations.  After returning home from my trip I decided to gather up all the bags I could find around the house.

I knew I had quite a few bags but was surprised at how many I could gather up.

I folded and placed all the bags into one to make it convenient and easy to bring along with me shopping.
I am really excited about doing my part in reducing plastic bag usage and hope as others do the same we will see a drastic reduction in the plastic store bags literally floating around our earth.  I am committed to making this change and encourage those of you that haven't to join me.

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