Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Grandmother's Garden Christmas Ornament

Here it is!!!  Ok, first one step back... this is not the ornament I was originally intending  to make and post directions for.  I did not have the felt the original pattern I was going to make called for so I searched again for a sewn Christmas ornament and found this in different colors.  I knew right where I could get directions and went to Marcia Hohn's website Quilters Casche.  She has the directions for a Grandmother's Garden quilt which I used the pattern for one block and put a backing  on to make an ornament.  I already had these fabrics and the pattern I had printed out several years ago in a bag so I was ready to go.  Yes, another thing off of my "to do" list :)  I'm guessing my print out was 3-4 yrs. old.   I was surprised at how involved this little block is.  I have been quilting for the better part of 15 yrs. and have been wanting to try to make a Grandmother's Garden quilt about that long.  It will not be a quick and easy project to hand piece an entire GG quilt.    However if  I take it along with me before I know it I will have a completed masterpiece to pass on in our family.  I admire and deeply appreciate hand quilting, I have a new admiration for a hand pieced Grandmother's Garden Quilts!!! and... I learned something new!!! This ornament is hand pieced but there are machine directions if you do not enjoy hand piecing.  I am so excited to bring this to our Quilters Beehive on Friday for our ornament exchange! 

The wonderful aroma of chili simmering on the stove is in the air, and I am itching to try another "to do" project for Christmas! Have a wonderful evening :)

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