Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Yo Yo Garland

I have noticed more and more yo yo's being used in crafts again lately.    I remember my mom making table doily's with yo yo's when I was a kid out of fabric scraps.  When I saw an absolutely adorable garland made out of Christmas colors I decided it was time for me to make a few yo yo's of my own!  Ironically my mom had just taught my oldest daughter how to make a yo yo when we were at her house a few weeks ago visiting.  So I cut the circles and checked with her to make sure that I was doing it right :)  She had no interest  in making any more yo yo's... bummer because though simple these little guys are a bit more time consuming than they look.  These will be a great project for evening or a take along project.

 Sadly  last summer while we were remodeling I was feeling cluttered and attacked my Christmas Tree stash and other things cluttering the garage.  I have no idea what I got rid of obviously we didn't need it.  However... it was a HUGE mistake getting rid of the tree's.   I went from fourteen to four.  To say the least I was feeling a little bummed this Christmas as I unpacked the decorations and realized no two tree's will not suffice for being short ten.  Not all were huge tree's but I loved having several theme's and they were so festive.  I will pick up a few tree's here and there at garage sales and thrift stores and remember never to do that again!  When I walk through a house at night with all the tree's in different rooms  all lit up it is so magical and beautiful.  It's like our own little Christmas oasis of lights and they are so festive and cozy.  This is a close up of our main Christmas tree in the family room.  It is a Victorian Theme tree with lots of crystals and roses and Victorian candy cones.  It is one of two of my favorites.  Well maybe one of three....four?.... :)  Ok I admit I just LOVE all Christmas tree's!

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