Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pocket Warmers and Eye Masks

They are finished!!! I am so excited and quite honestly proud of myself for getting all of these finished.  I used up all but a 1/4 c. of rice that we had in the house.  Tomorrow I will mix up the Brown Sugar Body Scrub and put it into containers.  I have a large spool of netting that you would use for weddings and will package a warmer set and body scrub container together wrapped in the netting for each teacher.  I will also prepare sets to give to our family and wrap up loaves of bread as gifts as well.  Tomorrow...bread baking!  I hope everyone is having great success preparing their Christmas packages and gifts.  What a special time of year as we make gifts, bake treats and send Christmas greetings while thinking of our friends and family both near and far.

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