Sunday, January 15, 2012

At My Back Door

This antique bathroom mirror and towel holder hangs just between my back door in the kitchen and the windows in the dinning room.  I am guessing that it is from the early 1900's.  It is very primitive.  I purchased it in a flea market booth.   We have many large buildings in this area that have been divided up into booth spaces for rent.  The items within the booth are priced and the booth number is on the tag as well.  The building supplies an attendant or cashier to collect the money from the goods sold from the booths and assist customers.  The booth renters are usually not present unless they are redecorating or restocking their booths.  They are very popular in this area because they are usually heated and cooled and out of the elements.  When I was visiting my grandparents in Arizona they had at that time several outdoor markets that were held on certain days of the week instead of buildings.  That was a long time ago and I'm sure things have changed.
I inserted a small dowel into the existing hardware of the cabinet to hang up small quilts.  I would like to change them out with the seasons when I have enough time to make up a few seasonal quilts.  For now I have two identical baby doll quilts that I made for each of my daughters as a Christmas gift several years ago.  The hearts are hand appliqued onto a small square patchwork background, the small hearts at the top of the quilt are a replica of a pillow tuck.  Pillow tucks are part of the quilt with an empty space between the main quilt and the decorative design.  The empty space is designed to be tucked under the front edge of the pillows allowing the decorative accent to lay on the top of the pillows.  It gives the quilts a more ornate look.  If I get to work I can make up a small quilt for spring to hang on the cabinet, but since it's almost Valentines these are working nicely.