Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cool Drink of Water

I am still here... I am just allowing my soul, spirit, and mind a cool drink of water.  A much needed time to just sit and be still.  I have had the joy of hearing the pitter patter of children both my own and their friends running and playing in our home and the delight of hearing the sound of their laughter.  Going on adventures both near and far, and making fun artistic creations.  In this crazy hectic life we all need to take time out to soak up these times as much as often for they are fleeting and all too soon these noises I take for granted will be only a memory.  I am enjoying my children and nurturing their artistic side as much as possible.  Imagination and creativity is a cherished part of childhood all to quickly forgotten in the adult world of work and chores.  I would like mine to strive to keep it alive as adults as well so I am showing them by example the joy of creativity and artistic expression.  We are having a blast :)


Donna said...

I nominated you for an award!

prairieharmony said...

Oh my goodness Donna I am very honored that you thought of me. Thank you so very much!!! :)