Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Delights

Valentines Day, a beautiful day of celebrating the loves in our life.  I enjoyed yesterday immensely.  It was a wonderful day with my family enjoying the creative notes of love and kindness made by the most precious little hands.  The love of my husband and family and bestowing love upon all those I know.  There tends to be two camps on the Valentines holiday, one being it is too "commercial" and set aside by industry whom wishes to make money on cards, flowers, and candy.  The other to which I belong relishes a day of non "commercial" love to take the time to cherish these moments that we have with our dear loves.   In my mind it is almost akin to our celebration here in the states of Thanksgiving.  A time set aside to really be thankful and appreciative to all of our dear friends and family and a special day to really show them how much you are so blessed to have them in your life.  To me, there is nothing commercial about showing love and kindness to those that walk this life with you.  I strive to make sure, and I know, that my family knows my unconditional love but sometimes it's just nice to relish in this love, in the abundance of loving feelings floating around so magically all day long.  A day full of fun and festivity to celebrate kindness and the caring souls that are part of our journey through this life, for without them I would be so completely alone. This camp loves the celebration of kindness compassion and love to all those we cherish!

Below is a very special note written with freshly fallen beautiful snow by my youngest daughter on the window screen.  An impromptu note written a couple of days before valentines but I thought was so fitting for today's post.  This was the first snow that they were able to play in this year and I couldn't go outside and join them because I was sick.  So she left me a note on the window.  What a treasure :)
 These are the most adorable patterns I happened upon in our local quilt shop and immediately knew they were the perfect valentines to my daughters who love to bake and cook!  I made a set for each daughter. They were so fun to make and are so cheerful and cute in the kitchen!
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