Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Battle in the Kitchen

There is a war going on in my kitchen and right now I'm not sure who is really going to win.... the dishwasher or the other dishwasher.. me!
My job growing up was to wash the dinner dishes.  There are numerous lengths I would go to to get out of this duty.  I vowed as a child to NEVER go without a dishwasher and except a few short years have always been blessed with one.

The dishwasher started having problems a week or so ago right when the holiday's were upon us.  I decided to put off calling the repair man until after New Years.  However, since I knew I couldn't just stuff the dirty dishes in the dishwasher I have kept every single one washed and as soon as they are dry they are put away.  I don't like clutter anyway so I couldn't be more pleased.  However, I have to say I am quite surprised.  Previously I would have a pot or pan waiting to be washed up and I would put it off because well I guess I still didn't care to hand wash the dishes.  If someone had asked me two weeks ago what would happen to my kitchen if my dishwasher ever broke I feel quite sure I would have said " we would have dishes piled up everywhere".  Admittedly, it's been the opposite!  It's actually been quite nice to just wash up a few dishes here and there as we use them and I am never waiting on dishes like when I used the dishwasher.  I only ran it at night which meant pulling things out to wash when needed during the day or waiting until the next day and I still had pots and pans to wash.  In the end I will most likely repair the dishwasher and run it occasionally to keep it in good repair, but for now... I think the most reliable efficient dishwasher is me!

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