Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It Arrived!!!

A bit overeager I admit... but I have been waiting for what seems like forever to order this... and not so long for it to arrive I must say I have a bit of built up anticipation and here it finally is!!!
I'm talking about the canning jar pump lid retrofit.  Yes I'm sure I somehow could have made this, but I spotted this some time ago in a Lehman's catalog and instantly knew that I would at some point order a set for this gorgeous canning jar to hold my dish soap.  The picture doesn't do the jar justice but it is full of beautiful air bubbles from being poured into a mold not pressure cast and the color is wonderful and the whole thing makes me smile when I enter the kitchen to open the blinds in the morning. :)

And on another bright and cheerful subject...
The beautiful little yellow blooms are called butter and eggs I believe, given to me by my lovely friend last fall and I am enjoying their blooming for the first time in my garden.  I was greeted by their surprise blooming the last day of school as I stood watching the girls walk down the lane.  Wishing you big joys from simple things and special people in your life.

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