Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A little something to remember.

“Being happy doesn’t mean everything is perfect. It means you have decided to look beyond the imperfections.”Unknown
 What happened to my husband's eternal optimist (me)?  Somewhere along the way she got lost in the stress and frustration of remodeling one house too many, or laying awake wishing for a finished house, or better yet a different house, or even better still a house with a view... of nobody else :)  At any rate I know something got lost in the exhaustion and wishing to the point of wishing away and no longer appreciating what I have, what I longed to have... a beautiful finished house.  No, not the location I would like, country vs. town, not the complete isolation I long for, but with everything there are trade offs and a whole new set of "problems" to every situation.  I think dreams are important...and I am not giving up on my dreams, however I think having dreams and being obsessed with them are two different things and can lead to misery and discontentment and start rubbing off on everybody else in the house and oh wait that sounds like what I have been doing!  Shame on me!  I am supposed to nurture and guide and help lead my daughters not whine and complain and be grumpy which I realized as of lately is almost a constant frame of mind for me.  That's when I realized it's time to lay it down.  I said a prayer of strength and forgiveness and if and when a dream is supposed to become our reality then the good Lord knows where I am at and he knows my heart.  Until then I have deleted the house search engines from my computer and next time we are having a blizzard outside or a huge snake is caught in our back yard by the neighbor boys I will be thankful that I am not trudging outside to a chicken house in the cold or dreading finding my dread of all dreads a snake while gathering eggs.  Easily remedied yes I know but remember everything has a trade off and this is mine :)  Instead if it is not too late, I will plant a beautiful garden and save what I can for this winter and share with our neighbors what we have been blessed with and get rid of this ridiculously embarrassing attitude of ungratefulness I have been wearing like a badge for the past year!  Yes, I know plenty long enough!!!  Blessing to all of you who also needed this saying today as well.  I certainly know I did!!!  Have a beautiful day.

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