Friday, June 1, 2012

Shhhh I shoud be sleeping...

I know I should be resting but am up reading contentedly on my favorite forum Down to Earth.  I am so touched, inspired, and amazed at how wonderful and helpful the forum is and how much I learn by reading.  I was absent from the forum for many months and feel so refreshed now that I have had the opportunity to re-connect.  What a wonderful community of like minded people.

Today it has been extremely cool for the end of May or Beginning of June and I am so thankful to not be running the air conditioner.  We have already had to run it our fair share and I was dreading having it on the entire summer.  This cool spell is a very welcome break.  I can only hope it continues.

This photo was taken just after a rain storm.  You can just see a faint rainbow stretching across the horizon.

We are slowly working on preparing for our sale this weekend.  As we are going through the rooms and area's within them I am sorting and straightening and organizing as we go.  It's a bit slower than just shuffling through things but I feel so relaxed because we are accomplishing quite a bit aside from de cluttering.  As the interior portion of the house is drawing to a close I have found that aside from clothes we don't have a lot of clutter, I really just needed the time to organize and straighten what we have.  Tomorrow however, we will tackle the garage and  this is the place that admittedly I toss items into that we don't need or want anymore.  I am planning on placing a container in the garage after our thorough clean tomorrow for donations and when it is full placing it in our vehicle to be dropped off.  This will keep the garage nice and tidy.

I am slowly feeling the positive energy and enthusiasm return as I work around the house.  It is such a good feeling.  Best wishes to you as you re-connect with your homes and work on your spring/summer cleanings or projects as well. 

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