Saturday, June 2, 2012

Relaxation Time!

With my daughter and husbands help we have not only finished the garage but the house, and trimming in the yard as well.  She mowed the yard all by herself (with dad walking at her side to teach) on the lawn tractor.  I was so proud of her and she was so proud of herself that the lawn was all mowed and looked so nice because of her!  All the hard cleaning yielded a lot of misc. trash and a fair amount of  items to be recycled but  not enough to sit outside and have a sale with.  So instead we donated what we had to a community sale to benefit a family here in our town.  I loved this idea and it feels so good this morning to not be outside having a sale.  I commented to my husband that after all these years we must finally be working down all the stuff that we had accumulated.  We mostly had clothing that was outgrown and a few nick knacks and trinkets to donate.  In the trash admittedly were a lot of broken down boxes in preparation for a possible move.  Yes I really wanted to leave...  I no longer feel like this as posted a few days ago.  In fact yesterday we planted two gorgeous seedling Oak Tree's and I am so excited to watch them grow and provide shade for my family and possibly many years from now grandchildren who come and play and we can tell them about planting  those two trees and several others on our property that were baby seedlings.  When we purchased our property and home the lot was practically bare in the back with the exception of one shade tree thankfully planted to provide shade behind the house.  It was not very old but as it's grown I have been so thankful for it's shade.  In the front are two Sweet Gum tree's and they are excellent providers of shade.  We planted a gorgeous Flaming Maple in between them that has  grown into a fine tree.  My husband and I love tree's admittedly I am the biggest lover of trees between the two of us and would love to have an entire forest in our yard :)  Today my dad is coming over to help me finish hauling off the trash as my husband is diligently at work providing for our family.  I have asked for my dad's help to get a load of gravel with our truck and learn how to do this so I can go by myself next time.  I am going to put gravel down in an an area under a shade tree in the front to make a patio of sorts and will post pictures from this project.  I am very excited and hope to one day have gravel paths around the yard with many flower gardens and shade trees.  Enjoy your weekend and time with your family. 

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