Sunday, May 27, 2012

On the line

Recently we have had several rains storms and it delayed when I would normally start hanging laundry out on the line for the season. Thursday however, was the day to start.  I went outside and wiped down my lines, tightened up the bolts, and I was ready to hang out comforters and bedding.  I came outside and put out my first item of the season a nice white background fluffy comforter.  My daughter arrived home shortly after and discovered that I had a very nice sized Blackberry stain left by the birds snacking on our blackberry bushes!
I had just ran out of liquid stain remover and remembered reading about how well Fels-Naptha worked on stains so I pulled a bar from my pantry and put it to work.  I scrubbed and rinsed and re-applied.  I repeated several times and left it on over the weekend while I was gone.  When I returned I was pleasantly surprised at how well it had removed the stain.
Yes, you can see a bit of discoloration to the right side of the leaf but I am very happy with the results.  I will definitely be using the bar soap to remove stains again and am hoping over time this will fade even more.  One more item I do not need to run to the store for that easily can be stocked in the pantry!

Tomorrow I will be starting on our home.  I am planning on having a sale at the end of the week and will be going through each room of our house one at a time and setting out everything we do not need or use.  I am hoping that these items find good homes and at the same time will make our home more spacious and comfortable.  At some point down the road if we decide to sell our home we will not have extra clutter and items to deal with before we list our home for sale.  If we never sell our home and list it for sale we will have that much more space to enjoy!  I feel it is a win win situation either way :)

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