Monday, June 18, 2012

Billowing Laundry

I have spent a lot of time at the clothes line today.  Most of the time it looked like this!  The wind is amazing today.  I am very thankful that I have not had any laundry blow off the line and yes, it did dry much quicker with the wind and warm air.  DD1 and 2 have finally cleaned their rooms and they both  did an exceptional job.  It created a lot of laundry from clothes that were strewn about in their rooms.  I am a day away from being finished and that is such a wonderful feeling.
I have spent almost every waking moment when I'm not working on laundry knitting.  I have these and two more finished.  I am experimenting with various sizes to see what is most comfortable and works best in our kitchen.  I really like the variety of colors of dishcloths and especially love the way I enjoy seeing them in the kitchen on the side of the sink.  It is such a wonderful feeling to have something you made being used.  There is a deep satisfaction in producing or making items or supplies at home instead of purchasing them from the store.  I feel like I am not contributing to the commercial mass production and I am more in touch with my home.  It makes our home feel nurtured, loved, and a place you would like to spend time in because it is a haven.
This is a quick snapshot of the stained glass project I made earlier this spring in a stained glass class.  I enjoyed the class and making this project though I don't think I have a calling as a stained glass artist :)


Tania @ Out Back said...

I love your clothes line, it brings back memories of the lines we had on the farm I grew up on. I would prefer these to the one I have now, which is a rotary one. It has been extremely windy today, too windy in fact to hang clothes outside. I think they would end up blowing over the paddock to the neighbours.

I have been busy knitting dishcloths lately too. I make mine 44 stitches wide and that size seems to suit me fine, I dont like them too small...

Beautiful colours in the stained glass. Looks like you have done a nice neat job, well done :)

prairieharmony said...

Thank you Tania :) I am very surprised when I go out to get the clothes that they are not blown to the neighbors yard! I feel very thankful to have such a nice clothes line.

prairieharmony said...

I believe I have settled on a very loose knit of 38 stitches on my dishcloths. Thank you so much for your comment have a wonderful day :)