Monday, June 4, 2012

Productive Sunday

I didn't end up having time to learn to till the garden...but I did get a chance to purchase some seeds! I also was able to empty this cluttered pantry and go through each food item and check it's expiration date and if we needed or would use it and get rid of the clutter.  Before on the right and after on the left.  The other way around would make more sense if I could get the pictures to cooperate. I looked through each item as I removed it from the shelves, then gave it a thorough cleaning and wiped down the shelves. I really inspect all packages and food containers carefully.  I do not want to have a rodent problem or bug problem.  Foods that I think would have a problem due to packaging I place in containers to keep safe.  I also attend to any food spills right away and keep this area as clean as possible.  It is such a relief when I open the pantry door in search of ingredients and it is so clean and organized!  I am glad that I had a chance to clean the pantry before going to the supermarket today.  It made my job easier knowing exactly what was in the pantry and knowing what I needed to purchase as I wrote out the meals I was panning on cooking over the next several weeks.
I believe in yesterday's post I said I would try and include a picture of the yard and gardens to be able to visualize what I was describing.  This picture is the bare spot that I am thinking of putting gravel in.  I would surround it with rocks or something on the grass side.  This is somewhat of a high traffic area because of the porch swing that you can barely see on the far right side of the picture that is attached to the tree.  I love to sit outside and listen to the fountain tucked away in the garden and enjoy my beautiful garden.
At one time there was a cedar shrub growing in front of the porch and we pulled it out and I put in the flower gardens, however the grass does not want to grow here because it is very acidic aside from the foot traffic.  We could lay sod but that would be bumpy due to the tree roots.  I believe I could effectively put gravel in and around the roots and try to keep the top of the gravel at the same height as the top of the roots to prevent tripping and falls.  That is my hope.  I am also hoping that it will really clean this area up I think it is very unsightly. 
This is the new flowerbed my husband and I are working on around the sapling.  This tree  was a seedling when we moved from the other house I discovered it among the flowers in the wheel barrow.  We transplanted it here and it has thrived every since.  Another reminder in my landscape to grow where I am planted!

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