Saturday, July 7, 2012

Enjoying Summer

For the past week I have been meandering around with my family.  We have been exploring and enjoying each others company.  No formal plans were made, just going where the wind blows us to and it has been fun.

We decided to drive to a destination about an hour away. Along the way we found a surprise down a dirt road.  This is a cemetery called LaRue Cemetery.  It is down a slope to the side of the dirt road literally in the middle of no where.  I happened to take the dirt road because it seemed smoother than the blacktop and as we drove past we could only see the white fence posts and the fact that the trees were cleared and the grass mowed.  We were very curious so we turned around and went back.  The stones were very very old with dates in the 1800's on them.  They were extremely hard to read but one thing struck me.  Someone be it the county, a distant family member, or even a neighbor has taken the time to keep this cemetery cleaned, trimmed, and mowed.  It is very well cared for and I really felt such a sense of peace and respect while visiting.
When we looked this cemetery up we found out that it is an old family cemetery.  If we had never went off the main road we would have never experienced this beautiful place.  Calm, peaceful, shady, with a creek flowing by it this cemetery gave me a moment of clarity.  As I stood with my beautiful family looking at the stones of another family from a century ago with children like mine, parents like myself, I realized time is short and precious and how quickly these years we are given on earth go by.  I am so thankful that we are learning to slow down and enjoy life and treasure that which is so dear and important and spend time with those we love.  Enjoy your day and I wish for you to find something wonderful and unexpected :)


Anonymous said...

you are so right. Enjoy the time you have together, that is so very important. I talked to a neighbour yesterday and we were talking about the same subject. We both knew people who hadn't had the time to do just that and they told people at their end, to get everything out of life, to enjoy the little things and eachother. That is what we try to do each day now ; )
Have a wonderful weekend.

Donna said...

I love exploring and finding interesting areas such as this. What a nice day and find you and your family.

prairieharmony said...

Thank you both, yes this was such an interesting place. I am always so excited to find such a place like this, a little hidden gem in the middle of life and it's business! We must slow down and treasure the ones we love even if we have to make ourselves. It goes so quickly! Have a beautiful day :)