Monday, July 9, 2012

River Trip

I absolutely love going to the river in the summer.  This summer I thought we weren't going to be able to make it but we received an invite to go with friends and we went just in the nick of time.  The water is rapidly getting lower and you have to carry your  canoe many times, and rafts are out of the question unless you want to carry it most of the time.  You can see some rocks above the water in the bottom lower right of this picture.  Next year we will go to the river earlier for an easier float.  I made these photo's extra large so you could more easily get the feel and beauty of being at the river.
This is the Elk River near Noel Missouri.  A favorite spot for hundreds of campers and water seekers in the summer months.  It's always a joy to go to the river and I love the clear water and gorgeous scenery.
 This is one of my two favorite houses along the river.
This is the second house that I like.  These are just the walls along the river.  The water is usually much higher through this section.  Normally at this point we can swim through this section, right now it's wading depth and waist high in the deep sections.  I always imagine what it would be like to have the joy of living along the river, listening to the splashing and playing of passer's by.  The peace and quiet in the off season and the frozen beauty in the winter.
I am so glad that we had the opportunity to go and I am so glad I was able to share some of my favorite places along the way with you.


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful pictures. You must have had a great time.
The house by the river looks like a place I would love to live too ; )
Have a great day.

prairieharmony said...

Thank you so much Monique, yes it was a very nice trip I am always so thankful to be able to have a quick get away. Have a great weekend :)