Friday, July 13, 2012

Lazy Days of Summer

My orange cleaner that I started is finished and such a beautiful golden orange color.  It smells wonderful and even more citrus smelling than the little bit that I used a week after I started it.  I have another batch started and I am so excited to get a small amount stocked up for cleaning our home.

While visiting friends I was able to capture this bee on this gorgeous sunflower.  I just LOVE that he is covered in pollen and almost blends in!  I never tire of looking at nature.  I am  always so curious about plants and insects and all sorts of things around us.

Life at our house has been extremely busy as summer's usually are here.  My DH and my Father worked very hard to finish the siding on our  garden shed.  It looks really nice.  I had help from my DD1 and her friend painting two sides, now I just need to finish the remaining two sides and the peaks.  Soon my husband will put the new roof on which is started and it will be all finished up.  I am excited to have this project finished and so very thankful to have the yard and our property tidy again after this construction project.

When I can I have been taking the children swimming.  Summer will only last another month longer and then they will be heading back to school.  I am trying to get as much play time in as I can with them before they are gone all day.  I know I will really miss them when they go back to school so I am trying to take advantage of them being home as much as possible.  The school year goes by slowly and the summer time speeds past!  Enjoy your day :)


Monique Elisabeth said...

Sounds like you have been pretty busy. I love to see the result of the shed ; )
Have a wonderful weekend.

prairieharmony said...

Yes indeed it seems we never slow down here. I am looking forward to posting progress and possible completing of the shed very soon. It is exciting to have another project so close to being completed that was on the list for so long :)

Little Home In The Country said...

So lovely to have rain after a long dry spell :) Your bee photo is fantastic - truly beautiful.

prairieharmony said...

Thank you very much Little Home in The Country for your compliments on the photo. I am so glad you are here :)