Friday, August 10, 2012

Lightening our Posessions is Lightening my Mood

I have really missed blogging!  I have been reading all of the lovely blogs I subscribe to and really enjoying them all.  I have refrained from blogging myself because I have felt very glum lately and couldn't quite explain why.   I am feeling much better lately and my spirits feel lifted.  I finally figured out why I felt very tired and needed rest.  The heat in our part of the country made me feel so drained.  Normally even though it is hot I enjoy being outside and have stayed inside most of the summer once the intense heat wave started.  It is cooling down a bit and I have been going out more in the evening and I think that contributed greatly.  I am a fresh air girl and really miss not being outside during the winter so I realized that I was cooped up the same as winter and that is why I felt bummed out.  I was missing the sunshine and fresh air just the same as in the winter.  I am just not designed to set around inside year round :)
Our cats Tinee and Nigel "helping" me with laundry.

I have tried to use my time inside productively even though I honestly haven't felt like accomplishing much.   I touched briefly on how we are decluttering around our house and have slowly but surely worked my way around the house with only a few area's left.  I have noticed the more we have decluttered the better I have felt.  We are taking the items that we would like to donate to the Ronald McDonald house in a nearby city.  For those that aren't familiar with this place.  It is a home paid for  by McDonalds for those with children in the hospital to stay in for free.  The donations they receive help provide the comforts of being at home for those that stay there for one night or many nights and sometimes long term depending on the stay of the child in the hospital.  I had no idea they needed donations and I am very happy to be able to help provide items for them.  The items they do not need they donate  to other places that are in need so no matter what things we donate will be used.  This is such a great feeling.

I have also notice the more we have decluttered the less I care to buy.  In fact sadly when I go to the antique shops or markets I see things and think to myself we have had one of those and donated it, or we don't need that we have this that works just fine.  Many items I see are duplicate ideas of the same origin and I just don't get very excited about spending hard earned money on them.  I think I can honestly say part of my feeling bla is that the "fun" or "joy" of going shopping and spending money is gone since my priority's have changed.  I'm not saying that is a bad thing but I used to get excited over a new purchase or item and have so much fun shopping.  Now honestly I get more excitement out of paying off debt and seeing how I can use our money toward achieving future goals than I do shopping.  I do go shopping at the markets to replace things that are worn out, but not to just buy something because.  I can see the difference when I go to leave and have nothing in hand because nothing was there that I needed.  Big difference and huge change in how I shop!  There is nothing wrong with this shift in shopping but it is taking me some time to adjust to the things I find enjoyment in.  My "hobby" of antique shopping isn't as much fun so I need to find something else to do for fun.  I am just in a transition stage and that is always a bit awkward until we adjust.  I think I am finally starting to come around.   I have a bit of pep in my step again and feel more upbeat.

 This is a quilt my mom made when I was growing up at home that she gave to me.  It is a utility quilt as she calls it just square scraps from other quilts and clothing she had made.  It is on our bed right now while I work on the quilt I have made for our bed.  I love looking at all the squares as I remember different outfits and quilts that the fabric leftovers are from for this quilt.  There are very few years that I haven't slept under a quilt and look forward to finishing the one I am making for our bed.  I always thought by the time the girls were this age I would have finished quilts on all of our beds.  I have the tops for our DD's completed and ready to quilt.  One DD likes her's but the other has grown out of one of the prints I used in her's so I will make her a new top.  It made me realized just how quickly the girls have changed.  They are growing into such wonderful young ladies and I'm enjoying watching them develop their own sense of style and likes and dislikes.  It was at the age of our oldest DD that I developed much of the same color sense that I have now.  I haven't changed much on what I like and wonder if she will keep her same basic color likes in the future.  Fun things to watch as they continue to grow :)

 Enjoy and embrace the changes around you it is what makes this journey interesting. Happy Weekend :)


Donna said...

I can understand what you mean about the heat! It's been so humid and hot here in NH that I have been hibernating in the house myself for the most part.
I love when I am decluttering. I feel lighter!
Great post!

Little Home In The Country said...

We are so much alike :) I love the feeling of peace and satisfaction that comes when the house is organized and free of clutter. It frees my mind for other pursuits and yes, my artistic and creative abilities SOAR when I'm not drowning in clutter and a million little things to do.

My children head off to school in a few days and I will have some uninterrupted time to REALLY delve into some heavy duty de-cluttering/re-organizing. As the kids age, we no longer need things that once were in daily use. Time is needed to sort through it all on a regular basis to free up space to live as we do now.

Great post!

prairieharmony said...

I apologize to both of you for taking so long to post back, I have been reading and thank you so much :)

Donna; Thank you for your compliment :) The humidity here is also very high and admittedly some days I would like to turn right back around and head inside! I am so thankful it is now so enjoyable outside and the nice weather I know for a fact is motivation to get things done :)

Little Home in The Country; I almost feel that after the kiddo's return to school and again in the spring I am either regrouping from spending the summer playing and hibernating as Donna said, or in the spring getting geared up for summer and play time. It feel so liberating to declutter and organize. Good luck to you as you work on your own decluttering projects this fall :)