Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Life lately has been a virtual whirlwind around our house!  School has again started and for me my day has calmed down a bit now.  The winding up for school to begin was crazy and I am glad to have life settled back down again and get back to blogging.  It is a special part of my day that I enjoy very much.  I am feeling so much  better now and have a spring in my step once again.  I am back to my old normal self.  I know this to be true because I feel like being creative and artistic, true signs my world is right again :)  Through all the insanity going on I have kept my knitting needles clicking and recently made up this very simple birthday candle bookmark.  My former Art Instructor's mother recently turned 96.  In order to honor her on this very special day, she asked for friends to send cards with candles on the front to put on a painted cake hanging on the wall.  The cards were the candles for the cake.  I didn't have time to dig out my scrapbooking supplies as I have been decluttering right now, and had my knitting right beside me so I decided to make a candle from that!  It turned out beautifully and she enjoyed it very much.  It was one of the candles on the top of the cake :)  How very sweet.  I was only so happy to contribute to a fantastic celebration of her birth.  My DD2 loved the candle which is also a bookmark and I made her one in honor of her birthday last month. I just love the yarn used.  It's so bright and cheerful and says Happy Birthday so clearly :)
I am going to begin another one for my DD1 who has a birthday coming up shortly.  Both of my DD's are avid readers and I know they will enjoy using them to mark their place knowing they were made lovingly by me for them.
Wishing you a bright and cheerful day!

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